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Own Your Time – Work Flexibly from Home

Aug 8, 2020

Are there things you wish you could do before work but your 8AM clock-in time makes it difficult? Imagine you owned your time and could work flexibly from home. I do, and I love the freedom it gives me.

Not having to rush from the time my alarm goes off until the time by posterior hits my office chair has brought such peace to my life.

My Home Office

I still get up at the same time in the mornings, but now instead of running to get finished, I run to get exercise. Instead of guzzling my coffee down on-the-go, I sip it restfully while I watch the birds eating seed in the garden, or talk to my spouse, or connect with my kids.

My commute no longer entails stressful traffic situations and hours of wasted time, instead, I amble upstairs and voila, I’m at the office.

Working from Home Wins You More Time

Since I made the decision to work from home I seem to have acquired extra hours in my day.

I was talking to my friends about it at a braai and we were comparing our lifestyle choices. I told them honestly that, before I started working from home, I never had time for the really important things in life.

  • I never had the time to start my day with mindfulness, quiet-times, and meditation.
  • I never had quality time with my spouse and children.
  • I never had the time to go to exercise before work.
    After work was just as bad, if not worse because then I was tired from the long day. There is nothing worse than having to queue in the traffic and then queue at the store just because you’re on the same hamster-wheel as thousands of other people.
  • I never had time for hobbies or interests outside of work.

When the reality dawned on me I made a decision to start working from home so that I could win back some of the hours in my day. By removing my daily commute of two hours and multiplying that by five days a week and again by four weeks in a month, I gained 40 hours – in one month!

I’m no mathematical genius but an extra 480 hours in a year sounded wonderful to me.

Working from Home Brings You Better Quality of Life

Since I made the decision to work from home I am less stressed and love life again!

I now have time to start my day mindfully. I can go for a run or cycle or go to the gym if I want. I no longer inhale my coffee and my breakfast, I savour them. I have less anxiety because I’m no longer stuck in frustrating traffic. I don’t get caught up in distractions at work and there is no ‘office politics’.

I can go to the shops whenever I want instead of when the rest of the workforce is there too. I can play with my children and prepare dinner with my spouse. Even my dog is happier because he gets more attention during the day.

In Conclusion

The benefits of working from home are holistic; my mind, body and soul are in a better place.

One thing we can never get back in time. You’ve heard it said that no-one, on their deathbed, has ever wished they had spent more time at the office. Working from home is a sure way to take control of the hours you have in each day and make the best use of them.

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