Live + Work is a residential design concept that combines residential living with a dedicated work area for people and businesses working from home. Thanks to broadband and the shift towards working remotely, you can now take full control of your lifestyle by living in a space designed for the new way of working.

What if you approach your home design differently?

Aug 12, 2020

Usually, our clients require a house divided into living areas such as bedrooms, dining, kitchen, garages. And the result is a house designed with sleeping quarters, living rooms, cooking zone and storerooms, that are more or less related to the surrounding landscape to enhance the experience of living those spaces.

What if your hobby determines the structure of the house? what if the home designs around what brings you more happiness and fulfilment in your life?

What if that business start-up that you have been postponing becomes the heart and purpose of the design? how would that change the quality of life, enjoyment and the sense of belonging?

Where would you prefer to invest in if such an approach to home design was possible?

Investing in property is typically the most important venture in a persons life. In average, most people commit to 20 years terms in loans, so, is that not a good reason to search for a design that is custom made and an approach that brings you closer to your dream?

Live and Work, lifestyle design approach, is a design method that is centred on how your future house will work for you. Live and work @ Lillian is an example of the immense possibilities that are there to explore.

Call us an invite us to your journey in creating a different future, the one that works for you.

Read more @ www.liveandwork.co.za or contact us on info@starchitects.co.za

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